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The Pulse: Part Deux

Thursday, December 21, 2006

2:42AM - From my mouth to this page.

There is no such thing as fate. Nothing is "supposed" to be. Any sense of hard determinism is a lie when it comes tothe human experience. You have a choice. We design our pasts with our futures through our presents. We are the masters of our destinies. Luck is a fool's word for chance. Chance is the wise man's way of saying he is not God. We are all here for a short time. Make your own history! I will miss you all during break. Don't be a stranger and make good use of what little time there is.

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Tuesday, October 11, 2005

1:01AM - Good Night

Its funny how the events of the endless flow of days in our lives shape who we are and what we do. It does not end with the heavy head fallen on the pillow. This most often is the lul in the sway. The end of the day brings the cool glow behind the shadow of night. An indefinite number of events in the history of our daily goings on curves the roads we marks staight and true in so many little daily planners and PDA's and calenders. wrapped with a string around your finger so you wont forget. We can only hope the tangent of the roads weaved in life correct itself to our predetermined destination. Every once in a while, though, it is nice to come to that fork in the road no matter how it tears at you.

Thursday, March 24, 2005

1:01AM - rockin out at IHOP (I-hizzle)

Today was the most fun I have had since Abby was here two weekends ago. I woke up at 3pm which is cool cause I got to sleep in but it sucked because most of the day was wasted and I had less time for a walk and or the gym where I would have inevitably gone through another one of those fucking spells. I could have gone to the doctor for the scheduled check up but no I got immediately and fell asleep for too long. Now I am relocated to a wait list for a spot to open up in the doc's appointment book. Anyway, I did my laundry which was in desperate need of doing. Sal came in while a was sorting my clothes out, with the $1,000 + bike he bought. After I talked to my buddy Elise Proctor on line and did my laundry I met her mice that she bought for her birthday. I feel so bad for not knowing it was your birthday. I am sorry. She named the mice Hayward and Tuttle. I forgot the reasoning behind the names but they were small and cool. We (Kim Elise and myself) played with them and watched American Idol. Eh, none of them hit me 100% as far as quality of performance and singing ability but whatever. Its the first I have watched in a while.

After that was over, Elise pointed out that I was late for my PHAB (Parkside Housing Activities Board) meeting so I said y good byes and headed out. At the meeting we made these certificates for attendance of the regular Tuesday meetings. Apparently I am also getting one as well even though my attendance is far from perfect. HAHAH aren't all of you jealous. The meeting was fun. This Dwayne guy was hilarious, quoting Mean Girls and general shenanigans! Invited them all to IHOP later (I just remembered that I had for got to call Mish back to invite her as well. Fuck! Oh well serves her right for not telling me that she was In Kenosha.) A we were making he certificates Abby (mon singe xoxoxoxo) sent me a text message letting me know that there was only 38 hours left until her much anticipated arrival. It s now 34 hours away. Why do these clocks move so slow!?! I miss you. Speed up time for a bit please!

When I was finished with the meeting I picked up the last of my laundry, brought it to the apt and eventually got Jon and Dayvin to come with. Mike could not accompany us as he was nursing his nipples (fresh peircings). Have fun with those man. So, Dayvin Jon and I leave but cannot find the PHAB members. We assumed they left already so we head out as well. They eventually showed up later and good times where had. I saw my friend Brett Deluca who yes will be going to WhiteWater in the fall for Criminal Justice. "You gotta stand up for the cats in blue man. If you didn't have rules there'd be ffffffffffffffffffriggin anarchy." LMAO anyone who can place that quote gets a bronze star. I also met a friend of mine from 3g and her inebriated friends lol interesting. I remember one of them had a nice fedora hat. Very classy (cept the drunkenness of course). Anyway, We ate we laughed and Jon slept (he had been up since 7am...lol keep her screamin! hahahaha). Anyway I dropped Jon and Dayvin off at his apt and now I am here and I don't want to go to class today. I should boycott. Intro to Comparative Politics is sooo dumb boring and not well thought up. Still it is far better than Art Metals last semester. don't think anything could top the suck factor of that class. I imagine it would be like getting your nipples pierced every Monday and Wednesday for 2.75 hours from a person who thinks that it is worth my time and money to go though this shit. Aaaaaaaaaarrrrrrrggggg! I am sorry but making key chains and little trinkets may be fun and woo hoo for some people and look very nice too but not me dafinitely not for over $150 dollars. Fuck that! No welding? No fire? No sounds of mallets pinging against anvils? WTF? Anyway whether this journal is complete or not I am going to bed. Sigh why can it not be Friday right now? I ned to unlock the secrets of time travel so I don't have to sit and wait for the good things to come to me in life. Dr. Pat... has a nice ring to it. :P

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Saturday, March 19, 2005

1:40AM - I haven't had beer in a while. Where is Mike and Jon?

I just finished my journal from three weeks ago and am ready to start up on the new business again. Sadly, for all those of you who were waiting for a journal entailing this past weekend you will be disappointed. Not that this weekend was not worthy of one. It definately does! However, I have to work on reading The History of the Pelopenesian Wars, anylize it and write on it for my Theories of International relations class. Sal just got back today as well which is cool cause I am not annoyed by him. (thought everyone would like to know)I also am short on sleep and am in an increasingly darkening mood as the rest of the apartment is supposed to arrive tomorrow at midnight. Basically, I dont feel like writing about it right now. Abby I hope you enjoyed your stay as much as I have enjoyed your company. I apologize for Tyler or Rorey or whoever the hell was the perv. I can't wait for next weekend. *kiss* Hopefully you will get to see Mike and Jon for more than two seconds. My battery is getting low so good morning to all. Where the FUCK is Jon and Mike!?! I'm bored.

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Tuesday, March 8, 2005

2:36AM - "One Baby to another says I'm lucky to have met you."

Walking outside with my laundry basket securely in hand, the added weight of my laptop, bottle of bleach and detergent, adding to the already cumbersome load, I let out a small sigh of exhaustion. I watched as the cool 2:30 am air turned my breath into a thick fog as it escaped my lips. At the same time I noticed it was starting to flurry.
"Great!" I thought. "This will give my slippers even less traction than they fail to have already." I made my way down the stairs to the laundry building, where, understandably, given the time of morning, everyone was not. It seemed though, that their laundry stayed around. As chance would have it, two washing machines and dryers where open so while I set my clothes on their cycles I turned on my laptop and continued on my Theories of International Relations paper. Like everything this all came down to today, Thursday that is.
That was the day that everything was to come together. For it all to work though, work, had to be done. My Ophelia’s (car) oil which was roughly 1,000 miles overdue for a change. My hair, which itself was annoyingly 2 inches too long required clippers and of course the laudry needed to get done. This was in preparation for the long 3 hour drive I had to UW-Stephen’s point that night after work to meet up with God’s gift to “Bumble-fuck Nowhere” (hehehehe) Abby. Thus, here laid out was the course of events.

...I guess it would only be fair to tell the reader that this trip and journal with which it is recorded is going to be quite lengthy. Grab your coffee or cocoa turn off the internet porn and get ready for THE GREATEST STORY EVER TOLD… about a dork from Wisconsin and how easy it can be to laugh at him LOL (see easy)...

At about 3:30 the laundry was done. I shut of the computer, collected my goods and trudged back to my apartment through the thick film of snow now formed and beginning to soak though to my socks. I entered my room and as Sal slept I packed. At 9:30 I went to my Intro to Comparative Politics class (meh) and left early after receiving materials for the midterm. I ditched my Theories class because all we were doing was handing in our papers which were due at 9:00pm. Instead I got the oil changed and the hair cut. Sharp as a tack I must say. Nice job ma’am. The snow, earlier mentioned had not survived the rising sun that day. Highly pleased by this, I headed back to the apt to work on the paper and eat. (DAMN! I was gong to have a pizza when I got to writing this tonight.) I later found out that theories class was cancelled. Excellent! I did, however, go to my math class for which there was a test. Then I was off to work at 6:00pm where I finished and emailed my paper, caught up on work that needed to get done and left at somewhere around 8:45 It was then that my coworker arrived to relieve me. Here is where it gets interesting…after about 2 hours.
Sometime during the day I put money on my card and went to the bank as well for cash. So, from work I headed to the highway BECAUSE THEY WILL EAT YOUR ASS OUT WITH A SPOON IF YOU NEED GAS IN THE CITY!!!!!! $2.05 GOOD LORD THAT’S A LOTTA MONEY!! Off of the highway. Somewhere close to Racine I filled the tank at about $1.97/ gallon. Inside the truck stop, looking for a source of real sustenance for my tired self I picked up a prepackaged 6” sub sandwich that ironically said “made fresh daily”, Hmmmmm, and with money well spent I left Kenosha, my roommates and Southeastern Wisconsin for a long weekend.
I was traveling at a normal rate of speed on the highway most of the time while I was on the road, never going too far over 70mph. That is until I got on HWY 894 and left Milwaukee. I slowed down while I was in Madison a bit but of course but sped up again as I left there as well. For example, Deputy T. R. Neilson of the Marquette County Sheriff’s Department caught me doing about 84-89mph. I had just finished eating my sandwich not 5 minutes before and my voice was rather hoarse from singing to Dream Theater tunes to keep my self alert. The lack of water in the car did not help the situation. I had the roads all to myself except for the dim, yet all too bright head lamps of the car I had passed several minutes before. As I passed over the hill on that dark and cold county road I squinted hard to see a smatter of what seemed to be a red light in the median. In the half second it took to get closer I recognized the fog of a squad car as it passed through that same red light reflecting off a guard rail. For some reason I braked right away, which, depending on the Deputy could either be a good thing or bad thing. Quickly glancing in my rearview mirror I saw the tell tale signs of Patrick being fucked; the distant blue and red flashing lights. Thus, with my tail tucked securely between my legs I got on to the shoulder, turned the music off, put the car in park and turned into Beaver Cleaver “Yes Sir” “No Sir”.
The Deputy was nice. He told me right away that I was going to receive a citation which took away any chance of him playing mind games with me and he did not have an attitude of overly imposed authority. I gave him my driver’s licence, which I think was my expired probationary license but I cant be sure. I had my new one but I guess I did not think to check it. After he wrote the ticket ($230.60 and 4pts), explained to me the court procedure and asked if I had any questions we said our goodbyes. I slowly pulled away making sure I remembered everything from driver’s ed about pulling back onto the highway from the shoulder. You might as well have attached that ugly sign to the hood of my car. Interestingly enough as I was pulling back onto the highway I looked in my side mirror and saw a second car just behind the squad doing the same. It was another squad. The lil bastard snuck up behind us during the traffic stop. He was with Deputy Neilson the whole night monitoring traffic in the opposing direction. Understandably, he followed me and made sure that I was following the posted limit and broke away to meet up with two state troopers that were congregated in a median farther north.
Not surprisingly more awake now, I arrived in front of Smith Hall; Abby’s Dormitory. I cleaned out my car a little for expected company. After my run in with the law I talked to Abby, Mish and Nichole on the phone and we had decided to go to Wal-mart. I, the one with the car already warmed up would be the transportation. By this time, in this portion of the state, it had started to snow. Those thick flakes that settle silently and slowly, reminiscent of those cinematic holiday scenes that never actually exist in reality coated the car as I looked out the window and spotted her.
Waving at the entrance to the building, her exaggerated motion showed her excitement. I eagerly exited the hastily organized Malibu and walked to her as she did me. In her humorous fashion she was barefoot her shoulders covered in a crocheted shawl tightly wrapped against the cold. We met in the middle arms stretched and lips pressed. One would think upon looking, that we hadn’t seen each other in years. We released each other only as the cold finally brought us to chills not created by our own affections. We turned and headed up the walk to her dorm, one set of shoe prints and one set of foot prints, too close together to be of two separate people.
As we reached the room the company was gathered in good spirits. Having all five of us coalesced, Abby, Nichole, Mish, and another person possibly Katie or Anna (I really feel bad about constantly mixing you two up. I hope you understand. I don’t mean anything by it.) With good spirits we met and in those same spirits we left. With directions from Abby and Mish we made it in one piece with no help from my attempts at doughnuts in the parking lot. Going to Wal-mart at around 12am with 4 other people can be an interesting adventure. Especially when one is as tired as I was. Abby and I looked for a present for Stella, her friend in Minnesota. I found a plastic rooster and suggested we give her a cock. This almost worked. However, Abby came to her senses and declined. She bought a neon green body pillow which her roommate was quite pleased with as it matched everything in the room ;). She also purchased a foam disk shooter and a few other things but had settled on what she had already bought for Stella which was a paint by numbers set (more complicated than you would think) and a foil etching set. We returned safely to the Dormitory and went to sleep soon after.

Then next morning, Abby woke and went to class while I in great need of rest, stayed asleep. When she returned we got ourselves and our things ready and left. We first headed for Marshfield to “la maison du Tollefson” to collect some things at Abby’s house for the stay in Minneapolis. With some procrastination and a surprise phone call from Abby’s father she took a shower got dressed and we were off.
All was well until he arrived in Eau Claire and stopped for gas. We turned off of I-94 West to fill up at a truck stop. All was well and good. Abby asked me what I would like and being the random kid I am I asked for "...a doughnut and a banana." I planned to “pay at the pump” so I looked for my credit card and exited the car. I locked it as is a habit of mine. This seemingly smart practice would only be so if I had not locked the keys inside as well. I immediately realized my error and with an “oh shit” sigh I headed into the station to give Abby the bad news and go over our next move. She understandably had many laughs at my expense and yet sympathized with my situation She apparently is famous in Marshfield for doing the same such thing. According to Abby herself it happened twice in one day. Tell your friends. Ask her yourself. Talk about it as much as you please with great laughter as I have had more than my fair share of it at my own expense as you will see by the end of this.
We lingered inside the gas station while an attendant fetched a slim Jim for me. It was then that a rather shaky old man following behind his wife seemed to make a pass at Abby when he asked in his equally shaky voice “Do you have any of that for me,” referring to the coffee she was holding with both hands. Later, as we gathered around the car the slim Jim that the attendant tried to use would not work. The cook in the adjoining restaurant used screwdrivers to pry open the door and slip a coat hanger inside to flip the switch for the electronic locks. She was tall and skinny with a deep (very deep) voice. Her thin black hair was pulled back in a ponytail and the slender chin seemed in slight need of a shave. After standing outside with the cold wind blowing rather hard the car was unlocked and I grabbed my keys. I went inside to get Abby and get the hell out of Eau Claire. She had not been able to find the banana so she substituted it with a plastic tube full of banana flavored Runts. The doughnut however, was available. I filled the car with gas and we agreed that Abby would drive the rest of the way.
We had just reached Minnesota and suddenly Abby freaked out she does not like to go on bridges over water and suddenly she found herself driving on one. We eventually switched before we reached another bridge we were expecting (yet never crossed) and after some time reached St. Thomas College.In the parking lot she walked towards the car in her long bluish grey over coat, Sketchers and red hair with Alex her semi-significant other. We visited with them for a bit in her dorm but soon left We had to go to my brother’s apartment to get ready for his birthday dinner that night. The apartment was only two exits away on 94 so it took only a few minutes to reach. Parking however, was a different story. Stephen (my brother) had to find a spot for us. Abby and I carried our luggage which, in both cases was a lot considering we were only going to stay still Sunday morning. It was Friday evening.
We were in my brother’s apartment waiting for him friend to arrive. Steve was getting ready and when his friend came they were putting on collared shirts for the birthday dinner that night. I did not grab a clue and realize that I was still wearing my Disturbed t-shirt. I, in my quick mind did not realize my error until we sat down to the meal later on. When we arrived at the restaurant, the name of which escapes me at the moment, our table was not ready. The smell inside was unbelievable. One could tell by that alone, the food would not disappoint. The walls were brick and there were plants everywhere. The wood flooring was dark and worn. The waiters wore tight raver type shirts with loose neck ties, black dress pants and spiked hair. Imagine if there was ever a metro sexual army it would look like this. I felt very underdressed. Our reservation was not ready so we headed out into the bitter cold down the sidewalk and across the busy city street to the tobacco shop. No one bought anything. Abby and I looked at the water pipes which are always interesting to look at and the Zippos. There is something to the smell of a Zippo that makes you want to play with the damn thing till it runs out of fluid or you accidentally set yourself, someone else or something else on fire. That really does not apply to the story. I just like the smell… thought I’d share. So anyway, enough time had passed so Abby and I arm in arm joined with Steve and friend, walked back to the restaurant.
Our table was finally ready so we were led through an archway just passed the reception and bar area into the main hall. With a slight step down the whole place opened up before us. Tables covered the entire floor, broken only by the trees. Far off on the left was another bar, foregrounded by the stage on which a 4-piece jazz band played. The host led us to the right where we ascended the wood stairs. The railings were wood as well and knotted throughout. Upon reaching the balcony, it was clear who was new to the establishment. All of us looked over the side, however, one could tell by Abby’s expression as well as mine that this was a fresh image of rare occurrence to us. It was all quite stunning. The only discrepancy was the large disco ball hanging from the center of the ceiling that stuck out like Liberace at a Republican convention. The group was placed in the first of two round booths reserved for the entire party. We were introduced to our waitress and waited for more people to arrive. Once a few more people came we all ordered. Matt’s ex-girlfriend Shauna arrived shortly thereafter. Abby ordered a pasta dish, Stephen ordered a seafood dish and I after intense mental deliberation between the lasagna and ravioli chose the ravioli to accompany my orange juice. Matt, Steve and the others of age ordered some red wine that smelled very nice. While we waited for our food Abby and I went back down stairs to watch the band.
Back on the main floor, we retraced our steps and found a bench just to the left of the arch way against the wall. We sat, we kissed, watched the people and watched the band. It was one of those moments where you did not passively observe the moment. It was soaked in, experienced. We may very well have looked like Siamese twins sitting there looking wide eyed at everyone and everything else. Eventually, we headed back to the table. Our food eventually arrived and so did the other table of guests. One of them was drunk and quite the source of entertainment. He hit on the waitress while she was running up the bill on virtually everyone’s credit card. After all payment issues were handled the group again headed out into the cold. Standing out in front, Abby and I huddled together for warmth while everyone figured out what they were going to do for the night.
We decided that it was time to get warm so I told Stephen that we were going to warm up the car. Stephen gave us directions to a bar that he and Matt wanted to go to. I dropped them off and with some confusion headed for the apartment. Abby and I changed, put in a movie and went to sleep. We were both awakened later with a loud knocking. Stephen had arrived I won’t comment on the rest. He was fine. Sufficed to say that if you aren’t in the know with what happened that night you are missing out on another story entirely.
The next morning Abby and I woke to my cell phone alarm clock at something like 9am. Today we were going to the Mall of America with Stella. Since we were at Stella’s dorm the night before we made easy work of finding the place. It was a little more difficult trying to get to the Mall since Stella, who it was thought, knew how to get there, did not and had to get directions from her sister. Without getting lost however, we made it and parked in the Hawaii lot.
Our first item on the agenda was food. For that we went to Cinnabon. Very cool. If memory serves, it was Abby’s first time and minus the drink she ordered she enjoyed it. Right across the walkway was a Deb store. In keeping with a tradition that the ladies had they tried on the ugliest dresses that they picked out for each other and that I picked as well. Lucky for us all I had my digital camera handy to record this occasion. Good stuff let me tell you. If nothing else it is good blackmail material. We stopped in various shoe shops and clothing stores. (The main purpose for the excursion for the ladies was a huge shoe shopping trip.) They dressed me up in a Prince Purple rain t-shirt and these nut huger pants (felt damn good to get out of those) at Goth and Go as payback for the Deb pictures. I bought $80 shoes for the first time in my life. They were bitchin shoes what can I say? Besides, I needed black dress shoes to replace my worn out Adidas. We went to this poster place where I got to see either a reproduction, print, or original Michael parks painting. Tres bien!!! Abby upon our final return to stores of interest bought a James Dean poster. After 8 hours of shopping we ate dinner at the food court on the 3rd floor and headed home where we got lost due to crappy directions from my brother and cell phone distractions. We ended up having to go over a bridge that was under construction no less than twice. This is where Stella got the bright idea to recall how her aunt I got in her fatal accident on a bridge. Abby was NOT happy about this and chewed her out accordingly. Eventually we found our way back to I-94 and dropped Stella off at St. Thomas. We prepared for the party ahead of us at a friend of Stella’s house. When we arrived again at Stella’s later that night we headed to another dorm to meet with her friends who would follow us there (because I was not about to be transporting drunks all night to wherever).
While we were there this guy noticed the pin I had put on my lapel that said “Je suis aimee” Being rather drunk off of 4 shots of something and a chemical imbalance he decided it was appropriate to address the pin several times in a way that seemed like he was interested more in me than the pin. I think we will leave that one alone for now. We rounded up everyone (Abby, Stella, Alex (drunk) and myself)……..Slight side note: Does it surprise any of you that students at private religious schools partake in just as much vice if not more vice than those at Universities? Me neither………. Where was I?... ok Yeah we were followed by there friends in a Red Dodge truck. We must have confused the hell out of them with all of the circles we made. Sorry guys. That is what happens when you get directions from two different people at one time one of whom is intoxicated. We arrived in one piece though and headed into the house where we were each greeted warmly by the owner. Very cool. I did not expect that. Anyway, I was the sober guy for the night. Abby did not have much if anything either as I remember. We both did not know anyone there as it was. Basically we just crashed on the couch and started to play this "What the Fuck (drinking game)" that she picked up at the mall. Earlier I tried unsuccessfully to get a Texas Hold Em game started up so I could part a few incoherent people from their money. A few hours into the party Stella said she did not feel well so the four of us said our good-byes to the people we semi knew and headed out.
This is where it gets funny. On the ride home we talked a little bit, mainly Abby and me while the two in the back remained somewhat quiet. We heard them kiss (supposedly he just kissed her hand. Later we found out that he told her that she "completes him". That gave us something to laugh about for days. Hell, I am laughing about it right now. Lol.
All laughing aside, at this point Abby and I were rather tired at this point and in need of some shut eye. We were also in need of a good parking spot which was not to be found. We had to park farther away than we had ever before during the trip. While crossing the street with pillows blankets clothes and toiletries we were nearly hit by a car or truck or something. It would have been a horrible auto vs. hobo accident. Avoiding anymore "near-life" experiences the two of us made it safely back to the apt, got ready for sleep and did.
The ring tone alarm on my cell phone woke us up sometime after 6:00 am. After a little bit of stalling I got up and looked out the window only to realize something strange. The streets were a different color than the night before. To my utter horror and our grave misfortune it had snowed the night before. I turned the television to the weather channel and found out that a storm would be upon us for a good portion of the trip home. Steve for some reason that escapes me reparked my car the night before. So at around 7:30 we found it and headed out. It was around this time that Abby realized that she did not know where her cell phone was. I find it is best for people not to trust memories that come from me before 9:00am on any day.
The snow was terrible. The roads were all slush ruining my traction at points and flying from the wheels of other cars onto my windshield. At one part of the drive the road turned into a single lane forcing us to join a 40 + car single file convoy. At a ridiculously slow speed. (To anyone with four-wheel drive, Screw you. :p ) This eventually ended as the road cleared up a bit. However, they were still crappy. As we reached the “beloved” town of Eau Claire we realized we needed gas and what luck! at exit 59 there was a BP Station. The sign for the turn off was right at the turnpike. (Wow! Who was the genius who put the sign right there FUCKERS!) So, yeah, I see the sign and apply the brakes. I got on the turnpike at 40-42 mph lost control slightly then regained then lost control a second later and ended about two feet off into the ditch. It was weird but I stayed completely placid the whole time (that is placid, not flaccid you pervs). I didn’t freak out or anything. Abby to my memory didn’t scream or anything. My heart raced slightly but no reaction otherwise. I guess this should scare me. Not the car accident itself but the fact that I did not react as what I think normal people would; yell, throw my hands up, freak out etc. For the longest time I have a lack of immediate reaction. If it was not for Abby’s similar reaction and light heartedness about the whole thing I suppose I might have done any one of those things. For this and much more I thank you babe.
Well the car stopped there in the snow and despite my best efforts given the materials I was unsuccessful. I then called 911 and was patched though to state patrol. Oh and I threw a snowball at Abby. That was pretty funny. Well the situation itself was funny but that was funny too. The state trooper showed up and told us he would block traffic while the tow truck got here. Long story short we were towed out and the guy was writing up a bill on the turnpike. The trooper was none too happy about this so he “politely” told him to move it to a gas station. It was there that I was given the bill ($153) and sent on our way. We did not stay to get gas. About to exits later Abby noticed a car spin out. I looked in the rearview and saw something fly off into the median creating a plume of snow. I called state patrol (Learn how to answer the damn phone!) and we continued on our way. I finally got gas in Marshfield where I also got to meet Abby’s mom. Thank you for the cookies. We retold the story you have just read to her and showed her the pictures as well. Abby then dropped off a few things and we, short on time, headed to UWSP.
I was semi tired during the whole trip. We had planned to switch drivers during the journey but as this story has already proved plans can be shot out of the window at the drop of a hat or in our case a slip of the wheels. My visit to the dorm was short lived. I said hi to a few people but had to leave rather quickly as I already had to call work telling them of my impending lateness. On the way home I had to fight with basically every bit of energy I had to stay awake singing way off key at the top of my lungs to Dream Theater, drinking water and eating cookies. Mrs. Tollefson’s cookies could very well have given me the fuel I needed to stay awake enough to make it to work instead of end up in a crumpled bloodied mess on and or near the interstate. I finally arrived at the PD at 5:00pm, not 3:00pm like I was scheduled. I was completely destroyed for the next 9hrs until I got off. I headed to the apartment. Took a shower and went to sleep…. and woke up with an upper respiratory infection.
I will keep this short. This adventure has shown me to a probably a greater extent than ever before, that no matter what happens to you in this life it is the people around you that can make any experience worth while.

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Saturday, February 19, 2005

1:31AM - Stuff I remember from recent times+ comments= entry

Yeah I feel kind of bad posting this due to the fact that a lot of people had less than memorable Valentine's Days but I don't care anymore. It is my journal so "Whateva, I do what I want!"

I was working at the PD on Saturday night, lol well not so much working as IMing Abby on-line; my recently made favorite pastime. She made the decision that we should actually have a real conversation (the only time I heard her voice at this point was in person at UWSP). Agreeing with the fact that this was a long overdue occurrence, I asked "would in person work better?" (than on the phone). Let us just say that the suggestion was warmly welcomed ;). So the next day with nothing to do otherwise, some cash and some gas (in the car, for all you smart asses out there :P ) I planned to head out to UWSP and see her :).

So I get off of work and stripped as fast as I could and headed to bed, finally doing so closer to 8 than 7. The alarm woke me at around 1145 or 12. Whatever the time was the basic point is "damn that is very little sleep." so I head to the bank and various other places and come to find out my credit card is not working (the tossers!). So instead of heading out on the highway I have to go back to my apt and straighten this crap out as it turns out my order for flowers did not show up on my on-line statement thing which it should have done by then, so that was nice. I forgot what the hell I had to do with the card but whatever I did it worked. Satisfied, if not still a lil aggravated, I finally got on the highway.

Rain had ben getting steadily stronger all morning long since before I left the police station. I remember that the sunrise was stunning. At first there was a deep and dark purple quickly broken by a growing pink that gave way to the sun. This all happened in the span of about 15 minutes. This doesn't really do any justice to the actual scene...sorry. So ok rain. When I got on the highway, it just started to pour. Somewhere after Madison this car cut me off (at about 80 mph in the pouring rain!) ASSHOLE! It is hard enough to see as it is without having to deal with the backwash of your pansy ass POS car. OK the rest of the drive was cool. A little bit before I saw the signs for Stephen's Point exits it started to snow and fairly thick, like in Edward Scissorhands except shooting at the windshield like fluffy white bullets. I got off at exit 159 which would have been fine were it not for the fact that my exit was 161 heheheheheh.

So the obvious happened and I got to Abby's apartment with a little stuffed dog I bought for her in the potentially delayed status of the flowers. I walked almost completely passed her room when I noticed her computer. I walked in and saw her... sweet and pretty as ever, she immediately came toward me with arms outstretched and saw the dog. She loved it and we later named it Jose Valentino. Jose because Rudolph was taken and because I was telling her about Jon's apartment roomate and Valentino because hey it is a Valentine's Day present so why not. She wore a blue tanktop which matched with everything and was done up all nice (she prepped for my arrival). I was, for lack of a better word, flattered that she went through the trouble. Anyone who has visited my apartment in the past is more than likely to know that there is little hope for presentibility without a few hours to a few days and at least three people helping out with housework etc. Yes this was far beyond a pleasant change of scenery.However she did warn me about the divots made by her roomate's guests' makeout section. lol the depression from it was still in the cushions. Like Aldrin's footprint on the moon.

After catching up and small talk, we walked around the dorms stopping by and saying hi to all the people who I was not able to meet the weekend before. Nichole and Mish eventually showed up from k-town as well which I was a nice surprise. You guys rock :) We watched Audrey Hepburn movies as planned. However, I was not able to get Casablanca on such short notice. Oh well, another time perhaps. (As we got ready to head out to dinner we hugged and each gave the other a peck on the cheek. :) :) :) :) :) .

*sometime during the night, I forgot why, but the girls in the hall put cookies all over her door. I only noticed a crushed cookie on the fllor and did not see what all the fuss was about. They all laughed and pointed out the door. GOOD EYE PAT ;)! Good but not as good as the boullion cubes.*

We then drove to the Hilltop Bar and Grill (The door/ entry is a giant wooden keg. How cool is that?) where we made complete fools ofourselves in front of each other and called the other at every f-up. It was pretty damn funny and our first date as well, which I thoroughly enjoyed. (still jealous of those pants lol). Good deal babe. Having finished our apetizer meals hehe (we weren't that hungry) we drove back to the dorms and met up with Mish and Nichole-o's :P and watched "The Pest" with John Liguizomo lol um yeah funny and strange. Having finished the movie we hung out a little and went back to Abby's where we had our first kiss (on V-day)and watched My fair Lady and got some shut eye.

*It was completely innocent. However, none of your damn business as well ...deal with it. She was nothing, if not classy throughout the duration of my visit.*

When we woke, her neighbor Areol(a) brought her a V-day present. After falling back to sleep several times we eventually got up and ready to go to Debot's with her friends whose names, ashamedly, escape me (please don't tell them (the names Amy and anna come to mind)). They are nice people. I am a visual person please dont give me too much crap for this. UWSP's Cafeteria (Debot's) is better than ours (things to be jealous of: pants and cafe). However, I did find it rather amusing to see that backpacks and the like were not allowed inside because people would take food or silverware back to their dorms apts etc. Can you say Jr. High? lol. Anyway,we took our fill and headed back to the dorm where Abby got ready to leave :( for class and I the same for home. I will finish this later possibly at work in 3 1/2 hours. I'm tired.

OK, it is now 7:55 and I am at work, still waking up. let's see where did I leave off...I offerd to give her a ride to class. We walked out to my car (mine was the white one.) With Abby's always on target directions and bazooka thingy in hand she lead me to the one non residence orientated building on campus that I have noiced during the entire cumulative time of both stays there at Stephen's Point. I pulled into the lot (going the wrong way), we said our final good byes and she left.

OK 3 hours of driving with stupid people and CD's blaring on the speakers. Got to the apartment...drama. Long story short, I have a new roomie Sal is with me and Brandon is with Larry. I eventually checked on the flowers and they still did not show on my card or in an email at all, so I placed another order ASAP.

Abby started to get a headache after classes the next day which developed into tiredness the next day and full blown sickness on wednesday. Apparently she was in good company on this fact in the dorms. This would be Thursday. The timing was almost too perfect. The flowers arrived that day. Now anyone around her who was not green from sickness was green with jealousy. I am glad that you like them. Keep rockin the oranges too. BTW she is better now :) . Now she plans to come down to see me with Mish and Nichole in early to mid March but the damn scheduals for work aren't out yet. }:( . I cannot wait to see you again. Stay healthy so we can live it up in k-town. Lol to what ever degree that is possible in K-town. OK- this is getting way too long again. Every one stay safe, and get your vitamin C. *shakes finger at screen*

Abby you are the cat's pajamas, the bee's knees, the camel's humps. Yo uare like cancelled classes when you partied to hard the night before. Stay as completely cool as you are now xoxoxo's go to you and your superlative coolness. :P PS Hello RAPD. Damn now what the hell am I going to do till 3pm, work? hmmm

(_y_) HAHA!!! You have just been mooned!

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Sunday, February 13, 2005

5:40AM - work, muzak and toady

Long night of not much here at the PD. i'm jonesin on some Dexter Gordon. mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm saxaphone. Going to UWSP later today to visit with the extremely lovely Abby for Valentine's Day. Rather worried about Jess haven't talked to her in a couple hours and as far as I know I am the only one who knows her wherabouts and my details are shakey at best. May whatever form of God there is be with you tonight. I am going back to work. Love to all, more for some. "We are eternal. All this pain is an illusion." - tool-

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Wednesday, February 9, 2005

2:01AM - New journal comming soon!

"The Final Mile of Frank's Life" (fictional story( and yes, fictional character)) I may never finish so don't get your hopes up. :).

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Tuesday, January 11, 2005


"We are not enemies, but friends. We must not be enemies. Though passion may have strained it must not break our bonds of affection. The mystic chords of memory, stretching from every battlefield and patriot grave to every living heart and hearthstone all over this broad land, will yet swell the chorus of the Union, when again touched, as surely they will be, by the better angels of our nature." -Abraham Lincoln- While Mr. Lincoln was addressing the nation about its issues of conflict and potential ideological separation, my situation with a friend of mine could benefit from the the better angels of our nature. It seems stupid to part ways over so pointless an argument. If I appeared to be "bitching you out" I apologize. That was not my intention. It was only to let you know that I was unhappy with the situation. Take from that what you will. The rest is in your hands. I will speak no more on the issue.
In moving from the past matters into present issues, I saw White Noise tonight with my friends Noah and Nicole. Prior to entering the theater it started to flurry. However, as we left there was a good 1 1/2"- 2" of snow on the ground and still falling it made the drive home an interesting one. Nicole you did not text me to say if you got home ok... bad form. Earlier, Rachael and I want to Best Buy and started to watch The Great Dictator starring Charlie Chaplin. After Jon and Noah arrive she eventually had to leave so we finished the film while I finished another piece of lasagna that took well over two hours to bake (finishing at 1AM). That when I called Nicole to see what she was doing. She came over after picking up Mish and we all went to Noodles and Co. Mish had to go home afterwords and after much (and dare I say needless debate) Noah Nicole Jon and I went to Classic Billiards. Thanks for the dime Nicole -good game. I will display that instead of the missing snowflake ;). I hope all of you had a good time tonight.
Lastly, my mind has been going back and forth on the issue of enlisting in the NAVY sometime in the next 12 months. What it looks like I will be doing is completing this coming semester at Parkside and possibly transferring to another school that has an NROTC program assuming either will accept me lol. Rachael I am holding you to our deal and I expect you to do the same for me :) . Assuming that goes kaput, I will most likely finish my college here and enlist. After 12 years or so I can begin to try gaining an officer position should I choose to do so. My main concern right now is paying for my next semester at Parkside and my phone bill. Oh well these things have a way of working themselves out.

Good night and good-bye. There are no funny sayings or weird quotes to give, just sleep.

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Friday, December 31, 2004

3:44AM - Friends, the new year, the old year and and the blackness that resided at the bottom of the oven!

Dont you just hate it when you realize that the relationship you had with someone was pretty much one sided if not totally one sided? Tonight and over the past week or so I have come to realize this. I as I have done in the past (stupidly) put my problems and sometimes feelings aside at the drop of a hat to deal with their's first. Then it just dawns on me that for the vast majority of the relationship it has been this way. This is mainly because when there was an "us" there was so much drama etc to deal with. I dont understand why I am attracted like a fly to a zapper to these typs of relationships.
Now I not going to sit here and blame this not so anonymous person for this because it takes two to tango as the saying goes so since I decided to interact in this way I deserve some of the credit too. Getting to the point, as I am sure is much appreciated by you the reader, I have found my new year's resolution and it is two fold.
I resolve to stop going for women who are wrong for me whether it be the situation that is wrong or mental, social, etc things that would just fuck things up in the long run. My other resolution is to not be so selfless to people who are not gong t odo the same for me if the situation arose. If they will to an extent depending on the situation I will match that extent. To sum up, Pat is gong to stop making an ass of himself by trying to make things work and letting people take advantage of him. OK next topic.
This last year has had its ups and its downs, some of which has already been covered in the first paragraphs. My GPA has risen every semester excepting this last one for which it still has not dipped below a 2.3. I have met many wonderful people who are two numerous to mention but due to my hyperness and sudden rebirth of insomnia are here labeled. Lisa Elliot, Jon Jaeger, Everyone at the PD (repasent!) uh... Salvatore Scotto-Divetta, Elise Proctor (git er done!) and Kim, Gaby and several other drama people, and of course the lovely Rachael Koechell (thought I'd forget you didnt you), Erica Knoedler (i think I spelled that correctly, Proff. Peggy James (I seriously recomend taking a class with her even if you are a republican she is great!)shorty-the pimptress: kellie Hoffman (rock Hawii babe!) Nicole (Dewette?):)Tara Ketter(er/ing)lol wow im bad with names Melissa (still in shock about your cuz) CRAZINESS I TELLS YA! and Im sure there is more but I give up on trying to name you all.Deal peeps! John Edwards (Your daughter is hot!) Aside from people I saw some bitchin concerts this year too including Dream Theater with Mike (the only metal show I have ever been to with assigned seating. Weird.) and the Kenny Wayne Sheppard show at Summerfest with dubble Trouble. If ya dont know who KWS is then there is just no hope for you now is there. I ended up going to that concert alone but who fuckin cares. I would have gone if I was just bitten by a rabbid dog. Very cool show! It wa kinda funny because before the show I saw my first DM who is a total hippie in a booth thingie that the company had, (Ralph Marlin Ties) she is just funny to me, cool but funny. I also saw to people I had not seen in ages Joe and Destiny who said they were gonna setup an AOL screen name and either they didnt (shame on you) or I fucked it up (shame on me). Anyway, big "Sup" to you guys. To top the night off I saw a chick fight on the way out of the Summerfest grounds. This was Knockers to knuckles, low down, hair grabbin, just add the oil brawl goin on. Were it not for the fact that was tired, they weren't too easy on the eyes and that my bus was leaving, I might have stayed to watch but well yeah.
(note from the present)...."mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm nuggets."
I am now technically living on my own and while that is true for the present couple of weeks, come January 2nd or 3rd my roomates will show up again. Then its back to bitching about the nastey shit they do like leave their spit bottles everywhere. and never clean up anything etc. For Example the first time my friends and I (friends who dont live here) cleaned we found a taco under the couch. Last night I found a piece of pizza. Dont get me wrong the guys are cool with me but I think given the choice between here and a place on my own well I think the choice is obvious regardless of the situation. I am tired of talking about last year...last topic.
Yeah, no one here knows why they should use pans and stuff when cooking with an oven and today I scraped the results of this off of the bottom of my oven. it was lie a tiny mountain range made of charred food remains. I nearly choked on smoke from when I cooked my first batch of chicken nuggets last night. I just thank the good lord or whatever there is to thank that it did not set off the fire alarm. That would so fucking suck if my coworkers had to come over here because my oven was dirty. I would never hear the end of it. yeah so that happens to wrap up this edition of my journal. What I can remember of the happenings later this evening might make there way into the next one so keep posted. I hope that everyone has an awesome new year at the very least one they will learn and grow from. Peace out people. SHPADOINKLE!

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Wednesday, December 22, 2004

5:02AM - shattered mirrors lend perfect views of shining rays through bleeding nimbus

Iwont even try to talk about everything that has gone on or should have gone on lately bceause it would fill volumes. I will say what I can remember or care to say and you all will have to just live with it :). Finals are over. I could not be happier simply for that fact. As far as the quality of the grade I will recieve from my classes (french and art) that is a separate issue. However, the classes in my major, American Politics and Intro to International Relations I feel went rediculously well. If I am not at parkside next semester its my own fucking fault for not dropping that bull shit art class and going part time. I am so fucking tired of that issue. I hope that is the last I feel the need to bring it up.
Jessica sent me an instant message telling me that she is in the process of writintg a long emailand asks me to stay online so we can discuss it afterward (how is that for a red flag!) P.S. this was yesterday when I had just got out of my art final before which I hit my thumb with a hammer and after which I was told that I was not needed at work then was told the opposite after i had done something i should not have considering the situation. anyway the email she sent basically told me that she wanted to be friends. The following AIM convo told me it was because we wanted different things. It sucks yes but at least we are friends. I guess it could be worse.
Anyway, after much complaining and sensless ranting about eveything to anyone who would listen (sorry to anyone who cared to listen and thank you) I headed to the apartment where Tori who was awesome for doing this was in my room ready to talk and tired as can be too. I having basically told her everything already did not really have anything to say. Plus it was a little weird being the first time I had spoken to her in person since the whole mean comment incident with Jess which will not be discussed here. If anything still needs to be resolved it is between the two other parties now. I have gotten my due. Anyway soon after I showed up so did Jon, Ashley and Jeff. Tori being tired and visibly feeling left out of the conversation, decided it was time to go. We said our goodbyes and she left. Following her at our leisurly pace the four of us left for Durango's.
After visiting the Caputo estate and announcing our short-lived (drive-by) arrivals with a burst of the horn we eventually got there. Long story short. We ate, got half price food,got in a snowball fight as we left because it snowed like a bitch, and went to Jon's where Ash, in her seemingly usual way weirded things up with her actions. (we discussed them today its fine now i suppose. I left and went home to finish of the thing i should not have done earlier and go to bed which was at about 2ish.
I woke up at 130pm and called the PD YAY! I didnt have to ticket on this frigid as hell day. so I got friends together later on including the lovely miss Lauren Booth and we watched Boondock Saints. All togather it was Lauren, myself, rachael, Jon, Ash and Sal. Yeah, and wouldn't ya know it the pizza gets there the movie is started and my coworker calls and says I am supposed to be working right now (it was about 11:20 at this point. Fuckin great! so yeah I spend the rest of my time apologizing and finding Lauren a ride home as we had all piled in my car and drove her to my apt. I arrived at work around 11:30. the rest of the night I am not really at liberty to discuss other than the fact that I am busy.
FINAL COMMENTS: I love you all. No matter who you are that nows me and is reading this. I am sorry for being an idiot tonight and making plans and then having to leave my own guests due to my stupidity. Lauren, you are completely awesome! Here's to five years of having such an amazing friend. People like you make my world go round. :)I dont know what I'd do if there was no you.
Jessica, regardless of how the AIM convo went I harbor no ill will towards you and still would love to be your friend. I am glad I had time to write this out it helps me process it all. Tori, sorry if you felt left out on whatever the hell day it was when you were at my apt. You are a good friend for doing that. Mike, look at the Rave's web.... wait Mike doesn't read this! Anyway, it appears that we missed a kick ass show on the 8th (fucking stupid cock sucking finals)No matter what next time they play in the tri-state area we are so going. For those out of the know the show was Cradle of Filth, Arch Enemy and others. It may not be your forte for good reasons but hey we have ours so whatever. Rachael you have got to be one of the greatest friends I have right now. Thank you for helping me deal with everything and I am more than happy to return the favor as we have been doing. Stay beautiful and awesome. Enough ass kissing for one morning, I am feeling pretty good. I am out for now. Everyone have a great day and I will see some of you tonight. If you people want to talk give me a call. You know the number. Bye for now. :) :) :) :)

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Sunday, December 19, 2004

7:10AM - and on the last day God thought about creating procrastination

I dont exactly know what to write today. Im still kinda tired from last night/ this morning. I was almost late to work again, but luckily I woke up just in time. I wish it weren't so easy to just tump back into bed here on campus. I still have ridiculous amounts of studying to do. I guess that is my own damn fault though. Oh well I have about 7 hours and 30 minutes to do just that here at work. Its too cold for law breakin today... I hope.Stay in your homes! lock the doors that arent frozen shut! Be a hermit today and pray for hot days and warm nights. Mosquitoes biting, sweat drippin, heat stokin hot weather cant be THAT far off can it! God I want to go to the beach again! There is little else like the beach on a July night with a full or no moon and clear skies till just before dawn. I end with notes to various people: Jess: your are awesome and you know it smile once for your homie. Sal said it was ok if you wanted to borrow the Muse cd and how is that cd I loaned to you? see you monday. Sal: Escuzi! Ah what does it matter, you dont know about this site anyway much less that I have this blogg on it. To anyone who didnt come last night shame on you. Rachael: You are cool dont change. Tori: ... um yeah still need time. Whatever final studying calls. peace out.

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Saturday, December 11, 2004

10:43PM - and so it is done.

I am finally here in my apartment. Very cool.Still have not met my new roomae as he is gone till tomorrow night. Everyone in the apartment short of myself and maybe one other person are on Parkside's wrestling team. Several of them chew as well (not cool). whatever. Anyway lets start from the beginning.
I spent all last night until 6AM today packing and cleaning my room etc when I got a call from Monica my coworker who needed me to take part of her shift because she was dumb and stayed over ather bf's house and got sick. I only said yes because I could use the hours. So, obviously I has hangin on by a thread at work, dozing off a couple of times etc. when she relieved me at 11ish I came here and dropped off stuff. When I walked in I woke up Sal(vatore) who was sleeping on the couch which I guess is his thing he does here and he seemed pretty cool. After a short chat I went home got food, more stuff, and lead my mom back here and she helped me bring in the rest of it. After unpacking that stuff, I went to Mike and Jon's and apparently woke up Jon who was still in be at like 2 or 3 PM. I can't say I blame him. Anyway went to see T-bone and the Gabbs but they were't there.Later Jon came over and we watched tv and drew crap. That was an awesome comic dude! I drew my pirate flag logo (work in progress lol) anyway he left and I am here, about to go to sleep after disinfecting half the stuff in the bathroom. Ttyl everybody. I hope you feel better soon Jessica.
PS my phone # here is 595-2890, give me a call. Later.

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Thursday, December 9, 2004

7:12PM - Blurred faded strained shot and drained

This week has been as insaine as I thought it would be. I ended up missing my first class on Monday lol even though I came to school early because I was helping Jessica print her paper off a cd at school. No big loss there. Sorry Proff Murin :) on Tuesday, I worked on my paper I think all day. I lucked out and did not have to work because of the weather. When I got home I got some very interesting and equally unexpected news: An apartment opened up on campus and since I was first on te wait list, it was mine for the taking. The catch was, if I wanted it I had to move in by Saturday. Needless to say I took it.
Yesterday I had the keys in my hand and was going to my car in the Ranger Hall lot to switch out my parking permits when the lady at the desk told me I had to give the keys back or haveto pay for this week as well. So, tomorrow I pick them up and move in on Saturday. When I got home I ate, went back to school and worked on my paper until my art class worked on the apaer some more. Gabbey and Tori wanted me to come over before I was goin to Jon's apt so I did. You are so mean Tori. They wouldn't say shit about you. So anyway, I went to Jon's apt.
Mike and I were supposed to go to The Rave to see Cradle of Filth and Arch Enemy but we both ad to work on papers etc. When I went over to their apt it was Mike Jon Ashley and myself. It didnt take too long to hit the booze. lol I only had a bottle of Mike's HL and a shot of Schnapps cause I had to drive. We started to watch Full metal Jacket and Jon and I turned into Noah. Jessica who arrived by this time Drank herself stupid and started goin nuts to The Killers songs.I am not sure how much room I have to talk here but Jessica (not Jessica Swenson) you are an ugly drunk. not asthetically ugly but watching you made me wantto stay sober for a good long time.
I went home to finish my paper but fell asleep till 6AM and have not finish it yet. I am so tired. I got my menengitis shot today. It wasn't that bad. I cant wait till Saturday. Thanks to all of you who agreed to help me move in. I am not sure if I will need all of you so I will call if I do. In either case. I live in 6E4 come and see me if you get the time.
Lastly, I also heard the tragic news that "Dimebag" Darrel Abbot of Pantera and Damageplan was shot dead in a nightclub in Ohio last night. The marine (or ex-marine) that shot him also had a hostage and shot others as well. He was shot by "A COP!" and is also dead. (yeah now you aren't screamin bacon anymore when you need them!) The pig fucker should have been beaten till he was numb first. How fucking pointless and stupid it is. I still can't believe it. In a million years I would never have thought something like this would have happened. Fuckin sucks! :(.

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Monday, December 6, 2004

4:06AM - Beep Beep, Richie! We all float down here!

I have returned! Hello everyone. I am not going to jerk around here. I will try to be brief and not only because it is after four in the morning. I have been on a a whirlwind. I apologize for nothing as I have been apologizing enough lately, a thousand times over it seems. Instead, I plead insanity to any transgression anyone may claim. I don't really know why I have been this way or if anyone has really notice too much especially those of you who have not known me that long. I think I am starting to change. I can't really explain how but I think I can see things clearer now, see them for what they are. I have let certain things get out of hand and that is not going happen anymore.
To a lesser extent I have also been keeping myself from from the "square" which for the most part has, at least to me out grown its novelty and usefulness. Most of us know certain people who iritate us there so why not just stop going. Instead of wasting so much time there and being iritated by people we have no right to tell to go away, why don't we stop being lazy about it and make time for each other outside of the drab and quite boring environment of Greenquist Hall. The vast majority of us have cell phones or are easily contacted otherwise. Blah blah blah you people know what I mean. I dont really know if I made a completely coheasive point here but I really dont care. I am watching "IT" and have other things to work on. See you all when I see you next. Have a wonderfu day till then...and afterwards too.

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Saturday, December 4, 2004


Greetings! I know its been a few days since I have posted my journals but I have had a lot going on. I can't put it all into perspective as easily as I have done it the past. I went to Milwaukee twice in the past 24 hours, once last night to The Jungle (dance club) and today to the Domes.
Last night Jessica Erika Amanda and I went in one car with Melissa in her car with Brad and "T". Melissa what is goin on with you girl. You can't be leaving people when they are depending on you. That shit isn't cool at all. When we got to the club Brad and "T" were turned away because they were underdressed in their adidas warm ups. DERP! The club was decently decorated but decidedly ghetto. Surprisingly eveyone for the most part was well behaved. Lol, watch out for those vampires Amanda! Of course when the techno music started playing in one of the rooms it got very roomy very fast. Oh well, more room for me to do my thing, or make a fool of myself depending on who you ask. It wouldnt be the first time I have in the past couple days... and weeks. One of the highlights of the nights other than dancing with Jessica :) was when I saw my old BR pal Tiffany who showed off her skillz on the dance floor. After the club the four of us went backk to k-town and went to Felicia's. By now we were joined by her boyfriend who is a cook at the Cracker Barrel and all around good guy from my estimation. Amanda recognized this guy from somewhere who was accompanied by his very drunk friend who started to hit on both her, Erika and Jessica. It was interesting to say the least. At about 3:30 am I drove them home and fell asleep myself at 4:00. Today we were supposed to go to Chi-town but the train schedual did not permit so we went to the Domes in Milwaukee instead and Grand Ave Mall and dispite the fact that there was no Santa Clause to take a picture with fun was had by all. Now I am at work, dog tired and fighting off the Sandman. Bastard keeps throwing shit in my eyes! It's 5:13 am holy shit!No moral today no thinking eitfjoweizzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

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Thursday, December 2, 2004

12:49AM - The True Spirit of the Season

This is what it is all about. The people you care about coming together to help one another, to show they care in ways that they may or may not usually do. Today I can say that I have seen this spirit come out in several people in several ways. People opening their doors for those in need, offering kind words of comfort, making sure someone goes down the right path and many other acts. It is nice to know that when trouble shows its ugly head that there is support for you and the ones you love and care for to lift us all up. Kudos to the good Samaritans among us. Just remember to keep this year round. Also remember that when you whoever you maybe, need the same I am here to provide if I can. That being said, here is what went on today.
I could not get myself out of bed easily cause it was so warm and the basement too cold. I didn't know the irregular verb my French teach asked me about so I looked way stupid when she made the whole class repeat the conjugations of avoir aloud. Needless to say, I know it now lol. I had lunch with Erika Jessica who disappeared for a long ass time. She was talking to a friend of hers but that is a different story for a different journal lol.
Things started to take a turn as I was late for International Relations class (way late by like 20 minutes). Jess myself and the square parted and I went to class. Congrats again on the job Rachael! No one said anything but when I talked to the Proff after class about my transcripts (she is my advisor) she asked me about my first semester and told me about Proff Murin's comments about me and it wasn't good. For what reason other than me not going to class often I do not know what. lol I AM doing well grade wise in that class, to my knowledge anyway. The whole thing just didn't feel good. Truth be told it shouldn't. I fucked up my first semester by not knowing my abilities and by not working to my best potential etc. I deserve everything that comes with it I guess. Still sucks to have it thrown in my face when I have worked so hard to redeem myself academically. Anyway, I went directly home after talking with her and talked with my peps on the phone. It appeared that I was not the only one with problems. Problems that are not mine to talk about and not yours to hear if ya on't know about them already.
As a result, I spent the rest of the day out and about until I came home about 10-20 minutes ago. (Please let me know if you need anything.) Now for the Moral of the story: Friends don't let friends stay upset for long. If all else fails, make farts sounds with your hand against your mouth until people laugh uncontrollably ;)

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Tuesday, November 30, 2004


Greetings all! I apologize for not writing an entry yesterday. I know how much everyone is dying to get the next exciting entry lol. But enough dickin around here goes.
I wnt to French and got my test back. The oral portion of my exam raised my grade the exam as a whole to a d (faaaaantastic) :/. I met with my advisor Peggy James (awesome proff take her class ifyou get the chance) and got my flag...uh un flagged. I went to work at 12:00 being everyone's favorite parking enforcement officer at school. Lol, oh this things I could say there. Anyway, then there is Jessica. I seem to loose all defenses when I am around her. I am not head over heels. I am not "in- love" but I do love... her smiles when she shares them, her hugs when she gives them, her thoughs when expressed, her hair when let down after being in a ponytail, the fact that she once considered being an MP and many other things that shall not be named her for appropriateness, time and length concerns of this journal. I see many great things potentially for us if this comes to be. I love finding out something new about you everytime I see you and look forward to future daily "treasure hunts" lol (not like that). I cant wait till Friday ((assuming I can switch hours @ work) BRING AND DRINK WATER!) and Saturday with you and Santa and g-parents :) I think it will definitely be a candidate for the memories section.
All in all things seem to be looking up. school (with the exception of French maybe) is picking up. New and exciting relationships and friendships are forming. I found my speeding ticket so I can now go and plead not guilty. Oh yeah! I also found $43 dollars in my coat that I did not even realize I was missing! ZANG! The Cradle concert is comin up. Chi-town is comin up. That weekend is gonna be f*ckin nutz! And I have run out of things to say. So, again I leave you with the moral of todays story: "The funniest funerals in the world are those of deceased clowns."

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Monday, November 29, 2004

12:07AM - I Survived the Thanksgiving Weekend of 2004 (and all I got was this blogg)

Alright dammit! I just finished this entry and tried to spell check it and the page went ka-putz. So here goes attempt #2. Its Sunday and you know what that means. Back to school, the daily grind, the classes, and pretty soon finals. I cant wait. lol. I am just glad to not have to go to work for another day in a row. As for today, I woke up at the ungodly hour of noon to the gentle sound of pounding hammers, echoing from upstairs as my step dad was fixing the moldings in a hallway or something. After some preparation I visited the lovely Miss Jessica at the mall. After visiting with Jenna at the coffee stand I left Jess for a hot dog, and that's when science happened. According to the Packer wearing kid who sold me my hot dog, eating 6 or more saltine crackers within a minute without water is a scientific impossibility. This curious biological phenomenon was in the process testing by his shorter curly haired female coworker. Now, I don't know about anyone else reading this but that sounds like a challenge to me. An activity for another time i guess. Upon finishing my "meal" I told Jessica of the amazing scientific discovery just presented before me and as I was running out of time to get to work we parted.
I got to work and as usual not much happened so I tweaked my journal and worked on my paper. Rachael, who shared my boredom, decided to come in and talk. Again YoU rocK! for going on a food run. (silver star for you and belated Platinum star for Jessica for the same feat last night and Thanksgiving)! Sometime before or after, I wrote an email apologizing for last nights weirdness etc. and then nothing happened. Except of course, the traffic stop less than20 minutes before my shift was over. What shift would be complete without it? That brings us to the here and now, at my house rewriting this damn thing after talk to Jess on line and showing her this awesome picture of me at the SLAYER shaw at the Rave 10-30-03: http://www.therave.com/gallery/136225.jpg . Now that I have thoroughly embarrassed myself, I'll do it some more. That cream colored thing under my shirt in the picture is 1 in a series of 3 stretch wraps around my shoulder and side from when I, (as ironic as it may sound) injured myself in cheer practice. I leave you all with the moral of today's story: "Never attribute to malice, that which is adequately explained by stupidity." (Hanlan's Razor).

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Saturday, November 27, 2004

4:54PM - here it is!

Hello everyone. Well right now I guess it would just be Leslie but that will change. Anyway. I am sitting in the PD right now pretty bored and totally wanting to be elsewhere namely with Jessica. I just declared a major in Political Science at UWP and hopefully the rest of this semester works out and I can follow through on that goal. That is a different story entirely though. So yeah, that is about it for now. Come back and look in a day or two when there is actually something interesting to write. Wow! Ok what a night. Jessica came to work with food because she is incredibly sweet. Of course right before she got there I sent her and email, a rather frenzied email that was apparently way off. I don't think I put my foot in my mouth to far. Just for the record, I don't have any feelings for anyone else.
Thank you so much for listening to my bitching Rachael. You rock! Anyway, this was the third day in a row that I have had to work 3p-11p. Anyone reading this knows where I work, so stop on by if your bored and if not do so anyway! :) And if your name is mike your not reading this cause your working or with missy or playing that fucking stupid video game. dude real life awaits you, your such a hermit and lord knows you can use a break from certain apartment mates for even the slightest reason. ;) call people and be sociable. don't let this turn into another summer! Anyway this journal is long enough dammit. Im outta here. love to all! more to others. you all know who u r.

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